Monday, December 17, 2012

Resolve the Paradox

What is a Paradox
 A set of true statements that condradict one another.

Resolving a paradox: Selecting a scenario in which both statements can co exist without conflict.

What is tested?
 Your ability to digest/assimilate information in the passage.
 Your ability to evaluate new information which when introduced in the passage resolves the contradiction.

< 5% of GMAT questions

How to identify RTP question
 - Their goal is to introduce a paradox. So spotting one is the way to spot the question.
 - Generally, Do not contain any conclusion.

Process for Answering Questions a) Identify the 2 contrasting statements.
 b) Pre think on how to resolve.

Method of Resolving Paradox
Resolution Framework
     - Because of New Info Fact A is true, eventhough fact B is valid.
     -  This new info can either address fact A or Fact B or both the facts. Most of cases, it addresses both the facts simultaneously.
This new info can present info that
a) Ineffective Implementation    Proposals to lead to Improvements. But they are not realized.
    Ans: Ineffective Implementation
b) Alternate Reasoning (Most Common)
c) Improper Comparison    Two entities being compared are not comparable in the first place.
Note: The correct answer choice may not resolve the paradox. It may just resonably support the coexistence.

Characteristics of Incorrect Answer Choices
a) OFS: Presents unrelated info which does not address the paradox.
b) opposite: Instead of resolving, increases the paradox
c) iSWAT
d) Rbi: revalant but incorrect. Only explains one side, and hence doesnt resolve the paradox.
 Ex: Paradox about rise and fall whereas the AC is about just rise
       Paradox about decrease in sales wheras the AC is about why sales
did not increase.

Resolve Verbage Which of the followinf IF TRUE, performs the ACTION to solve the ISSUE in the passage
                                                                         explain                      Paradox                                                                         resolve                      Discrepency
                                                                         reconsile                   Contradiction

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